Pre-season Trials

Pre-season Trials

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Pre-season Trials

Week three of the 2015 pre-season session saw all the players attend the UK football trials session in Manchester.

The UK football trials is something EduKick Manchester attends regularly with the team. Having formed a partnership with UK football trials in 2013/2014 EduKick Manchester sees this as a great opportunity for the player to showcase their talent. At all the trial sessions there are a number of pro club scouts watching the boys, at the last session in May there was 14 different clubs represented.

During the time the EduKick Manchester players have been attending we’ve had a number of successes, with Matt being picked for Witton, Carlos heading to Everton, and others being called in for trials.

Not only is it a great opportunity to be seen, but it’s also a great place for the players themselves to judge their own ability against some top players in the UK. Many of the attendees of the sessions are player who are at clubs and coming towards the end of their time there or have been released by professional clubs in the UK and are looking for further opportunities, so to just play alongside these players gives the EduKick lads a chance to see what they can do. For those players who are here for the full year programme, it also gives them a head start at the next trial. They will know exactly what to expect and will be a lot more prepared for the day.

In this August trials session it was interesting to watch the sessions the boys were doing with the pro coaches. All the sessions were similar to those that Nigel has been doing with them over the past 2 ½ weeks, so they should be ready.

Hopefully we will receive some positive feedback from the session and we can see once again an EduKick player progress on.

The next UK football trials session is in October, so book your player on the EduKick Manchester month long programme in October to gain entry into this trial, however places are limits, so act soon!

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