Terms and Conditions of Sale

Course fees

If there are any changes to the UK VAT laws, International House Manchester reserve the right to pass on those charges to the client / their parents / agent.

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of 15% of the total course fees is required to guarantee a booking. The total balance of course fees is payable in full no later than 14 days before the course commences. If a course is booked less than 14 days before the commencement dates, all fees are due immediately.

Late payments, unless agreed otherwise will be subject to interest at 5% above the Lloyds TSB bank base in force at the time. We reserve the right to cancel or terminate any course that has not been paid for in full. Payments may be made either in Pounds Sterling, to our GBP account with Lloyds TSB bank or in Euro to our AIB Euro account. The prices as mentioned in our price list are fixed. Please ensure that you cover all the costs of money exchange, bank transfer, etc. and that you make payment into the correct ij tours limited bank account (details provided on invoice).


We reserve the right not to accept a student and/or terminate without notice a course that has already begun if payment is not made in full in accordance with our terms of payment. Should a client book on a mini group course which is subsequently unavailable, we undertake to provide 75% of the number of lessons as 1:1 instead.


In cases of proven visa refusal – on production of a “visa refusal letter” from the UK Border Agency – you can apply for a refund of the fees paid (minus our bank charges and any courier fees).

Other applications for refunds will be considered individually and will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. Please see “Cancellation” below for a list of cancellation fees payable. We cannot give refunds for late arrival, early departure, absence during a course or change of programme.

We cannot give refunds for days when the school is closed during bank holidays.

If you decide to shorten your course, the fees you have paid for unused weeks can be neither transferred nor refunded

Refunds will be made directly to the bank account or to the individual who made the initial deposit/tuition fee payment.


A cancellation fee will be charged according to the following scale:

• up to 21 days before the course begins; lose deposit

• 21 days to 15 days 33% of the total invoice

• 14 days to 8 days 66% of the total invoice

• 7 days to 3 days 75% of the total invoice

• 2 days or less 100% of the total invoice

Activities and Excursions

Activities and excursions are voluntary and are not included in the course fee – unless otherwise indicated.

Please note; International House Manchester can accept no responsibility for loss of the clients’ belongings or any personal injury to clients while participating in these activities.


Students are responsible for providing their own insurance during their stay at International House Manchester and we can accept no responsibility for any losses incurred by students during their time at this school.

Unacceptable Behaviour

At International House Manchester we firmly believe that none of our staff, home stay providers or students should ever be subject to abusive, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour from any other individual at any time. We therefore reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to bar from lessons and / or cancel the course, without refund or reimbursement, of any student who acts in an abusive, offensive or otherwise unacceptable manner or breaks any of the terms of our published “Code of Conduct”, at any time during their stay at International House Manchester.

Internet Use in Host Family and in School

Many families allow students the use of their internet connection. Students must not download adult/sexual content and illegal and/or damaging software or web content while using their host’s or the school’s internet connection

Force Majeure

In the event of the school having to close and/or students having to return home early for reasons of natural disaster such as fire/flooding/infectious diseases or war/terrorism etc, which are beyond the reasonable control of the school, no refunds will be made.  In this event, students may be able to claim compensation under their insurance policy.  We will make all efforts to keep the school open and running but this may necessitate making some classes larger or changing the timetable to allow staff to cover all scheduled lessons.

Data Protection

Any information you have provided to us at the school, or will provide in the future, will be processed by the school, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. Under data protection legislation you can ask for a copy of certain personal records held about you.

Home Stay

IJ Tours Ltd take due care to ensure that homestay provision is suitable for students. However, IJ Tours Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any accident / incident which occurs in the homestay.

Junior Programmes

Students on a Junior Programme must stay on the campus / with their host family and to abide by the published Disciplinary Code – “six golden rules” at all times. A copy of this code will be issued to students and their parents

before booking. It is a condition of acceptance onto the course that parents demonstrate their willingness to abide by this code by signing their agreement to abide by this code and returning it to IJ Tours Ltd

Tours Ltd reserves the right to expel students who disobey the Disciplinary Code without reimbursement of fees or travel costs

If you are not happy – Making a complaint

We hope that you will be very happy with all parts of your stay with us at International House Manchester. We always want to hear your ideas and feedback so that we can continue to improve what we do. However, if you are not happy with anything, please follow the procedure below:

Complaints Procedure

Speak to one of our staff: your teacher, the Director of Studies, the Centre Manager or the Welfare & Home Stay Co-ordinator as soon as possible, telling them exactly what the problem is. They will then record everything and inform you of any action they may feel necessary to resolve the problem. Director, Michael Brennan will then receive notification of your complaint.

If, after this, you feel that you have still not received an acceptable resolution to your problem, please contact Director, Michael Brennan directly at the school and also put the details of your complaint in writing, sending a copy to: Peter Hayes Managing Director International House Manchester 8 Oxstalls Lane Longlevens Gloucester GL2 9HT

Email: peter@ihmanchester.com

Making a complaint through English UK

If you are not satisfied with the response from your accredited centre, you can contact English UK for further advice. The way we will handle your complaint will depend on the course provider you’re studying with.

For private schools and language centres, English UK will attempt to mediate. If this fails, the complaint can be put to the independent Ombudsman, who will issue an adjudication which is binding on the school.

If you feel you have a complaint against the school where you are studying, please first arrange a discussion with the Principal or an appropriate member of staff (for example, the Director of Studies, Accommodation Officer, or Student Counsellor).

If the reply you get from the school does not satisfy you, please write in English to English UK for the attention of the Chief Executive or e-mail tony@englishuk.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We cannot accept complaints over the telephone because we need a record of the complaint in case it has to be referred to the Ombudsman. We can only deal with complaints from international students on an English language

course at a member school.

We cannot accept complaints:

• from teachers or other staff, agents or host families about problems with schools;

• from people unwilling to give their names;

• about courses such as computing or business studies, or work experience placements, even if these are at member schools; OR,

• about schools which are not full members of English UK.

Unless there are exceptional reasons, we will not normally consider complaints about a course that has ended more than 6 months ago.

We can accept complaints made on behalf of a student by a close family member (parents, brother/sister, uncle or aunt). We can also accept complaints by a representative if the student has given written authorisation for the representative to pursue the complaint.

In outlining your complaint, keep to the facts and include a copy of any relevant documents (enrolment form, invoice, letters) which support your case. Pay particular attention to the school’s terms and conditions, which you accepted when enrolling. Say what you have done to try to resolve the complaint directly with the school. When English UK receives your complaint, we will write to you to let you know that

we have received it, and at the same time we will write to the Principal of the school concerned to ask for a response within two weeks. We will reply to you in a letter based on this response.

If you are still not satisfied, we will write to the school with your further views and ask them to reconsider. We will reply to you with their response. If the school’s second response still does not satisfy you, we will refer the complaint

to the independent Ombudsman. We will send him all the letters on the case, and he can ask to see any other documents that he thinks may be helpful. He can also ask questions of the school or the complainant, or anyone else, in order to come to a view on the case. He will prepare a report in writing giving a decision. This report will be sent to you and the school. His judgment is binding on the school: it must do what he says. The Ombudsman normally takes between 4 and6 weeks to come to a decision. There is no cost to you, and going to the Ombudsman does not affect your right to take legal action subsequently if you wish to do so. The Ombudsman process is intended to be a relatively fast and cost free way for students to have a complaint considered.

Once the Ombudsman has given his judgment and it has been carried out, the English UK complaints process is at an end. The Ombudsman will not engage in subsequent correspondence with either the school or the student, and English UK itself will regard the Ombudsman’s judgment as final.

If you decide at any point in the process to start legal proceedings against the school, English UK will suspend its consideration of your complaint until the legal proceedings are complete so that no comment by us should prove prejudicial to the legal proceedings.

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