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Football Coaching – Technical

Simple repetitive drills will be introduced to ensure that players can master the basic skills of the game. These sessions will continue over the season to ensure steady improvement. Many players continue with training drills in order to maintain their level of skill. David Beckham famously practised free kicks alone after training each day. Adopting good habits in your training is key. Players are also encouraged to understand the importance of warming up and cooling down and are expected to quickly take personal responsibility for their warm up.

Self-guided learning was introduced in the 2014/2015 season and is valuable to every player’s individual technical development. These comprise of short periods of time at the beginning or end of each session where all players are asked to choose an area of their game that they wish to work on. The choice is based around the skill targets set in tutorials and coaching sessions. During this time players are given the time to work at their own pace and the coaches are on hand to assist and advise if needed

Football Coaching – Tactical

Team play and tactics are an important part of the game. Being part of the EduKick Manchester Academy means being part of the EduKick Manchester team and competing weekly in competitive fixtures. Our coaches will work on tactical elements of the English game. The players will begine to develop their tactical awareness; including shape, movement, set plays, defending and attacking as a team. These elements of training will be worked on both on the pitch, where players will receive lectures on the English game, what to expect, the laws of the game and both basic and complex tactics. Throughout the season the EduKick Manchester team will film as many fixtures and training sessions as possible for post-match analysis. This is a great opportunity for players to reflect on and discuss their performance and identify exactly where they need to improve.


Stamina, Endurance & Fitness Coaching

EduKick Manchester coaches will conduct fitness sessions. These sessions will include speed, agility and quickness sessions, core stability, endurance and football fitness. The English game is a physically demanding game, not only with endurance and overall fitness, but players can experience tough physical challenges on and off the ball. Upper body strength and core strength can be key to a successful player.



Competitive Fixtures

All players will be involved in the competitive fixture programme. Throughout the season EduKick Manchester plays regular fixtures against a variety of different opponents. This offers a range of levels and challenges, along with opportunities for the players. The games are normally against UK college or University teams. However, we also often play some of the local academy teams and semi pro clubs. These games give the players the opportunity to put into practice what they have been working on in training. The games can also provide focus for training. Furthermore, the games give the players the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of professional club scouts and coaches.

These games are filmed and retained for the season. All the players are encouraged to take copies of these games for their own use and analysis. Many clubs will ask to see video footage of a player and so this footage proves to be a great tool for players trying to obtain trials.

NEW for the 2015/2016 season will be the sportscam filming, where the majority of the fixtures will be filmed, from an elevated angle, giving a much better overview of the team and individual performance.

Individual Tutorials

Each player will meet with a senior staff member twice per term. This will provide the perfect opportunity to obtain specific and individual feedback to ensure the welfare, safety and satisfaction off all EduKick Manchester students. This procedure will ensure a happy stay and continued improvement in all aspects of the course. These meetings will also provide our course leaders the opportunity to set the students personal targets and provide feedback to parents.

Towards the end of the course these sessions will also provide the perfect opportunity by which to assist each individual player to progress from the course and advice on the best career opportunities available to them.

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