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football training

Dedicate yourself full-time to developing your football skills, showcasing your talent to professional clubs and continuing your education. You will live the professional football academy experience in Manchester, the home of English football, having English language lessons every morning and professional football training each afternoon.

IH Manchester will provide you with a carefully selected local homestay host. Or if you are over 18 years old, you can choose to live in an independent self-catering  student residence (depending on availability).

Below you will see all the opportunities that we give you to be scouted by a professional football club. If you are serious about football and your future career as a professional player, contact us now to organise a visit / or trial week at our academy

Programme summary:

Class sizemaximum 20 students per class
English lessons per week15 hours per week
Football training per week10 hours per week
Dates16th January 2017 - 16th June 2017
17th July 2017 - 15th December 2017

Duration1 week - 22 weeks
Accommodation includedStandard homestay accommodation (half board Mon-Fri, full board at weekends)
Students may share a twin room with another player on the football programme
Kit Bundle 1 tracksuit, 2 training kits, 2 polo shirts, 1 hoodie
Airport transfersOn arrival and departure, Manchester or Liverpool airport only
Insurance GuardMe travel insurance - please see key facts document at bottom of page
1-3 weeks

4 weeks

22 weeks
price per week:
£995.00 GBP- under 18
£980.00 GBP- over 18

£3,950.00 GBP - under 18
£3850.00 GBP - over 18

£19,995.00 GBP - under 18
£19,665.00 GBP - over


Footballers in class

English language programme

If you choose the English language option you will receive 15 hours per week of English language lessons. The lessons are provided at the school by International House Manchester’s qualified tutors. On arrival, all English language students receive an individual Needs Analysis interview, so the school knows exactly what each student needs. This interview also allows the school to assess the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses when speaking and listening. We’ll also take a sample of each student’s writing and ask them to complete a grammar/vocabulary exam, so we can prepare clear, personalised learning goals for each student.

After finishing the needs analysis, students are assigned to a class which corresponds to their CEFR level in English. We introduce new students to their teachers and classmates, and we check after the first class and throughout the week that everything is going well. Students also have a face-to-face individual tutorial every two weeks with their teacher. The Principal and Director of Studies are also available to talk to outside of class. We will advise students on which exam is best for them e.g. IELTS / Cambridge PET, FCE or CAE

English Lessons, Teaching & Learning

General English classes provide tuition in:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing

International House Manchester is committed to helping students communicate effectively using natural English.

Our Teaching and learning policy

In classrooms at EduKick Manchester, teachers will:
1. Set suitable aims and objectives for each class. These will be written on the white board at the start of each class, so each student is clear about the purpose of the class and will be able to measure progress. A plan of the week’s classes will also be on display in each classroom.
2. Use the target language only, systematically building on what students already know. We’ll use and teach natural language based on the needs of the students in the class.
3. Present language in clear contexts and situations supported with real life and relevant examples. We believe that learning English means being able to use it when you need it. We want students to understand English grammar, but more importantly we want students to be able to use it. However, we won’t only work on grammar. Natural vocabulary and pronunciation will be equally important parts of your lessons.
4. Support students to work out meanings and use of the target language themselves and give students lots of opportunities to practise language in structured, purposeful activities which reflect their English language needs. Feedback on performance will be provided at appropriate stages of the lesson in a friendly, helpful way to improve accuracy while developing fluency. Fluency activities will be personalised, where possible, to the learners. Teachers will plan their lessons so there are lots of chances for the students to communicate in English.
5. Give students language skills training in reading, writing, listening and speaking, so that they are able to both consolidate classroom learning more effectively and become more independent language learners.
6. Add variety to their lessons, making them motivating for the students.
7. Be open to the opinions of the students. As well as having one-to-one tutorials every two weeks, in which the students and teachers will work together to assess learning and objectives, students should feel comfortable coming to the teacher at appropriate times with problems or concerns.
8. Set homework to consolidate teaching and learning that has taken place during each lesson.
9. Encourage students to take notes and organise materials, making sure all students have a record of their work.
10. Be sensitive to personalities, personal motivations, cultural differences, job requirements, exam goals and individual needs in planning, teaching and all dealings with students.

at International House Manchester, students are expected to:

1. Work in pairs, groups, and as a class to practise recently taught language in a variety of practice activities.
2. Use the target language only.
3. Consolidate and build upon what has been taught in class through completing homework tasks set.
4. Be sensitive to other students’ personalities, cultural differences and individual needs in the class.

footballers in class


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